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Grab some friends and get ready for a fun week of basketball! This is a 3 on 3 tournament at the Torrington Y. The best four teams will engage in a final four before playing the championship game. Prizes will be awarded for the championship team in each division.

Two divisions are available - boy’s youth and men’s adult.

Game Schedule: February 3 - 7th, Final four will be played on 
Thur., Feb. 6th and championship will be played on Fri., Feb. 7th

Ages: Boy’s Youth Division:12-14, 15-17 Men’s Adult Division: 18

Fees:  Boy’s Youth Division: Members: $5, General Public: $10
          Men’s Adult Division: Members: $10, General Public: $20


Contact Mat Montgomery at (860) 489-3133 x 135 or email


Equipment: The side hoops of the gymnasium will be used for the adult games. Balls will be provided by the YMCA and the referees will ensure the ball is to correct pressure. 
Scoring: Games are to 15 points. Games are 30 minutes long. If no team has reached 15 points by 30 minutes the team with the highest score will win. If the teams are tied at the end of 30 minutes the 
referee will have a coin flip for the ball. The first team to score a point will win the game.   The first team to reach 15 regardless of the opponents score will win. 1 point will be rewarded for all shots. Shots made outside the arc will be counted as 1. When an offensive team scores a basket the ball is awarded to the defensive team where “check” is made with the players to engage for the next point. No “make it take it” rules apply here.

Possession: A coin flip by the referee prior to the start of the game will determine who will receive the ball first. The “take back”:  the offensive team shooting can attack the basket on an offensive rebound, team on defense must take the ball back outside arc before engaging the hoop. Regardless of whether the offensive team shoots or has the ball stolen, the ball must be taken back on all possession changes.
Out of Bounds: The blue padding attached to the backboards will be in bounds. The blue padding on the walls as well as the black line under the backboard of the side courts will be marked out of bounds. If the offensive player’s foot or ball touches the line while in possession of the ball the possession will go to the defensive team. 

Rosters: Minimum of 3 players per team, maximum 4. Must play every player. In the event of a suspected injury the referee may stop the game and focus on the injury of the athlete. Players will not have exposed cuts and/or blood during game play without treatment of first aid. Substitutions may be made anytime in between scoring while the ball is dead.

Good sportsmanship and cooperation is both anticipated and expected. A team captain is assigned and is expected to aid in controlling teammates’ and team followers’ conduct and to represent his/her team as spokesperson in case of appeals to the court referee. Poor sportsmanship could result in penalties against the team including but not limiting to change of possession and ejection from the tournament. 

Fouls: To the discretion of the referee. All defensive or offensive fouls whether it is shooting or non-shooting will be an immediate “ball back” to the opposing team at the top of the arc, unless a flagrant foul is called. A flagrant foul will allow the player fouled to shoot for 1 basket. If the player makes the basket, 1 point is awarded and the shooting team will receive the ball back for the next possession. If an offensive team fouls the defensive team, the defensive team will receive the ball at the top of the arc and vice versa.  Referees will be calling double dribbling, traveling and up and downs.