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Head Coach: David Steel (Phone: 860-379-0708 X-112, Email:

Assistant Coaches: Tanya Corrado, Michele Covelli, Milan Grant, Jr., Paul Richards, Andrea Russo

Practice Groups Descriptions:
Bronze Level: Ages 6-11. With a strong focus on technique, these beginning competitors
will also start to build endurance.

Silver Level: Ages 9 & over. While working on stroke refinement, these swimmers will
increase their endurance and practice time.

Gold Level: Ages 11 & over. At the Gold level, the focus shifts to training for longer events,
while continuing to improve technique and introduce strength training.

Senior Level: Ages 13 & over. Senior participation takes advantage of the greater time
commitment to master advanced skills, as well as include significant strength training.


Practice Schedule:

Group Day Location Time Location Time
Bronze Monday Winsted 5:30-6:30    
Wednesday Winsted 5:30-6:30    
Friday Torrington 5:00-6:00    
Tuesday Winsted 5:30-6:30    
Wednesday Winsted 6:30-7:30    
Thursday Torrington 5:00-6:00    
Friday Torrington 6:00-7:00    
Monday Winsted 6:30-7:45    
Tuesday Winsted 6:30-7:45    
Thursday Torrington 5:30-7:00    
Friday Torrington 5:00-7:00    
Senior 2          
Monday Winsted 5:45-7:45    
Tuesday Winsted 5:45-7:45    
Wednesday Winsted 5:45-7:45    
Thursday Torrington 5:00-7:00    
Friday Torrington 5:00-7:00    

Senior 1


Monday Winsted 3:00-5:00    
Tuesday Winsted 3:00-5:00    
Wednesday Winsted 3:00-5:00    
Thursday Winsted 3:00-5:00    
Friday Winsted 3:00-5:00